Lewis & Grimes

What's point?

We are an artistic collaboration between childhood friends Andrew Jones and Lewis Grimes who stumbled across a natural ability to make people laugh through their simple sketches and comics as youngsters.

Together we have developed a colourfully impatient, crass and honest style. It delights in the bizarre, encourages the nonsensical, and serves as a beacon of levity in a world of seriousness.

Our art is a process of impatiently capturing an idea onto any material within arm’s reach. This helps to create a raw, unrevised and impulsively fresh feel. The idea that art follows a structure, pattern or technique is absurd to us, we want to rebel against the educative and theoretical practises of art, and encourage our own explosive enthusiasms.

Escape into the section of your mind reserved for childish indulgence. That unreserved, naive and shamefully fun train of thought you have on those idle office Tuesdays. The pressures of mature adult working lives hound on us like an unexplained importance, restricting us with rules and boundaries to conform and colour within the lines. We hide our idiocies and urges away in our minds; shut them away like a monster in the closet. Open the doors to your monster, embrace it.

Wrestle on the bed with it for a bit. Then comb your hair, put on your trousers and get back to work. We make paintings, sculptures, videos, performances, music, literature and smiles to an impressively average standard, and will continue to do so as long as we have a burning desire to embarrass one another.

  • Email: lewisgrimes88@gmail.com
  • or: aoj1987@gmail.com
  • Call: 07783864014
  • or: 073887447894

No funny business though.