The Blue Angel: Agony Aunt Service

We ran Blue Angel for over 2 years and reached out to more than 2000 people worldwide!! We used the character to create both videos and publish articles in various high brow publications, running a column in Bradford City's Fanzine ‘The City Gent’.

Are you feeling Blue?

Recent studies suggest that 8 out of 9 people are getting irked by something every day and don’t know what to do about it.

Our daily concerns can appear in many forms, some personal (e.g. my Uncle has bad breath), some medical (eyelid twitch), they can be social insecurities (e.g. I can't pronounce the word ‘Bicycle’) or aggravations (e.g. My dog is a wanker).

For years, we, the troubled public, have carried the burdens of our daily lives, allowed them to weigh heavy on us, weathering us into red-eyed ill-mannered customer service maniacs. We have become soft, sensitive, emotionally charged social media moaners.

The Blue Angel is a completely free online Agony Aunt campaign launched by worried art duo Grimes & Jones.

Any persons in need of counselling, even-handed advice and solace from the deepest pits of despair may seek the services of this doting do-gooder for free. Our Blue hero descends from another world to tackle your queries, frustrations and woes, reading out and addressing your shameful agonies with quick wit, and moral brutality in a video podcast.