Grimes & Jones, like many other poster-laden bedroom fanatics, are obsessed with celebrity culture.

We find a disposable hero, through magazine columns and YouTube snippets, and we begin digesting them (Wikipedia) – we decide whether to celebrate or exorcise these (un)fortunate flash-in-the-pans.

Miniature Heroes is a cross examination of British media focus and popular culture obsession in the years since the actual real world started (the ‘new’ millennium); a carefully selected list of significant British cultural contributors.

As self-proclaimed ‘Men of the moment’ we have sculpted multi-sensory portraits to our favourite contributor from each year and present an installation; inviting the viewer into a (grotesque) ‘Hall of Fame’ in which to worship them. Using relevant tools and materials (e.g. Jack Duckworth – betting slips, Brown sauce, bird shit) we have rendered a chaotic window into the lifestyle and habits of the artist, married hopelessly with the bizarre and ridiculous world of celebrity stereotypes.

Pick them apart, smile at their ridiculous contributions, love or loathe these colourful behemoths, because somehow, somewhere in our fugly minds, they are going down in history.